Ryan S. Cook



     For as long as I could remember photography has always been apart of my life, even when I never laid a hand on a camera. As a little boy around the 3rd and 4th grade I remember my father always taking pictures with his 35mm Pentax camera. He was very much into all the techniques and tricks. Photography has been a part of his life in his younger years as well. It’s a no wonder that I would eventually get bit by that photo bug too! It wasn’t until I was in High School and started working at CVS Pharmacy, one of my first real jobs, where I began to take pictures with the point and shoot disposable Kodak and Fuji cameras. I would take pictures of my friends and classmates throughout the school and outside. Dropping the camera off at my job to send for developing was exciting, and I couldn’t wait to see the results of what was captured. Afterwhile, I eventually ditched the disposable cameras and upgraded to a more advanced camera, one that I actually had to buy film to insert myself. I vividly remember the kodak film box and reading what ISO  to buy, whether it was the 100, 200, 400. I still have many pictures from my first novice “shoots”. LOL!      


          As time would roll along and the world transitioned into the digital age of photography, I purchased my first digital Sony CyberShot camera in 2004 for a little over $400 in Tampa, Florida. Still being an amateur at this photography thing I was proud of my purchase and began flicking up a storm! I had a no idea about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure and things of the like. I was more fascinated that I had a button on the camera that allowed me to zoom in and out with the option to record videos on my 256 MB disk! Occasionally, I go and load up my external hard drive and click through old frames. The end of 2011 is when I purchased my first “Big Boy” of a camera, in my eyes! It was none other than the Canon T2i which cost about $1000 at the time and came with a telephoto lens (75 - 300 mm). You couldn’t tell me nothing...but I still didn’t know much about how to use it! I shot everything in automatic. I rarely use it now because my Canon 5D has taken over. Nevertheless, “Big Boy” (T2i) really set me on a whole new path of photography and created a burning passion of fire in me that hasn’t died, but is only fueled by imagination and the art of life. It was with that same passion that I started my photography company known today at RC9INTERVIEWS & Photography.


          I have worked and collaborated with some amazing models, designers, clothing stylists, as well as hair and makeup artists from the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia area! Doors have been opened and I was afforded the opportunity to shoot at events such as The Hi-Life Car & Fashion Show presented by DJ Envy & Mosaic Unlimited, New York Fashion Week, Philadelphia Couture Fashion Week, Philly Urban Fashion Weekend, Miss South Jersey Fashion Week (Atlantic City), Newark Symphony Hall, World Famous Apollo (Harlem, NY), Victor De Souza’s cosmetic launch, and many other events!


To date I'm currently gaining more knowledge at The Media City Studio under Celebrity Photographer Felix Natal Jr. who is known as the "The Beast Of The East" and "Legend In The Game". He currently has more than 20 years of experience and a portfolio with some of the greatest celebs in the entertainment industry. 

In April 2018, Jason "Jersey Jay" Schroeck (Owner of Juxtapose Magazine) officially brought me on board with the team as Director of Talent Management. 

It is my hope and dream that with every open door and opportunity that I'm granted, I will truly be able to share with my audience the beauty of this earth and the people therein as I see it through my lens. God Bless!